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86 the WWW of the  WORLD
The Wild Wild West of the World is an Interesting Place!
It Started with nothing. Then it began. Then We began. Then the creator gave us one(1) Right! We have the right to lose any other right if We are not responsible in the use of that right. Other people or circumstances will make me take Responsibility and take my right away if I misuse my right!
Lets look at the right to DRIVE a car.
The car was invented. Driving a car was a right that we had because we have a right to all Rights. When I was 14 years old, I started Driving. As people continued to Drive some people misused the right to Drive and Laws were made to take that RIGHT to Drive away. NOW we do not have a right to Drive, We have a license to Drive. Our Right to Drive has been lost.

This is a Fine Point. But it is the Ultimate Point.
For the right to Drive to be restored, the right to remove my right to Drive must be removed, LOST!, by the people taking my right to Drive!

Don't think you understand until you finally see that light. No One can Give a Right! A Right can be recognized; A Right can be taken; But a Right cannot be Given!
This has become a problem, Civil Rights were nominally given back to the many people that were deprived of Civil Right. Now, some 60 years later, I hear that It did not work! Of Course not. It never could.

In this era Giving Rights to everyone was the 'Cause of the Day', Civil Right, Student Rights, Animal Rights, are only a few. Nothing written here is meant to take anything away from these very important movements. Maybe it was based on Law. Maybe I see it WRONG.
The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to . . . and guaranteed all citizens “equal protection of the laws.”! The words GAVE, Granted, Guaranteed, all have the direction of 'going to'. There is nothing, not even a hint, that the government lost the Right to limit “equal protection of the laws.” No one accepted responsibility for the bad laws and accepted the loss of the Right to make those laws.

What about Responsibility!
Responsibility cannot be given, Responsibility cannot be taken. Responsibility can seem to be denied. But Responsibility can only be accepted.

The Wild Wild West of the World is Dangerous!