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86 the WWW of the  WORLD WIDE WEB
The Wild Wild West of North America was a great adventure!
There was a never-ending choice things to do but not a never-ending choice of how to make Money. Even then you could find something to do that someone else would pay you to do so they could get someone else to pay them more than they paid you.
OR you could STEAL.
This is the state of the World Wide Web.
The Wild Wild West of the Internet is a monstrous place!
You enter the WWW to go somewhere and do something. But 'There they be Monsters'. These Monsters are controlled by Bad Characters. And who controls the Bad Characters?
Who lets them in?
Who lets them act?
Who lets them stay?
Who lets them continue?
Who can say Stop?
Who can say It's Wrong?
Who can say You're Out?
The wide open state of un-Control needs to END.
The Everyday activity of everyone connected goes through the WWW.
We do not want to have everyone ARMED for protection.

The Wild Wild West of the Internet is lawless!