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86 the WWW of the  WORLD WIDE WEB
We Need a little Background History
The Wild Wild Web is a place of Private Rooms
with Private Doors and Private Locks
Go to the Correct Door the front door not the back,
give the correct Name it's Daves
tell the guardian the correct Passcode I've got the stuff.
and enter the Private Room.

The System worked well and the number of users increased. One issue was to keep everyone separate and individual. Names had to be unique as are the people they repersent. The people madeup names and keeping these unique became a problem. Imagination failed! !!!The solution became obvious but hidden!!! People were already using a unique name for their email Addresses. That seems to be working?! The solution was applied every where.

The problem this caused is not appearent. It is a problem for the people not the system. The Pass Code.?! It is not UNIQUE? It is not an 'it' but a 'them'. The email Address has a PassCode to access the email. NOW People are creating a second and third passcode related to the Address but it is UNIQUE to the DOOR Not the Name! because the Name is ALSO the Name for the Email Address Provider. Confusing but we make it worse. We also use the Name actually as an email contact.

I see no problem you say and that is actually the problem. It is relavent only after 'one' of the Now 'Several' PassCodes is ChangeD. The PassCode characters for the 'several' identical Names are now different.

What is internet law? Internet law – sometimes called cyberlaw – refers to the legal principles and regulations that govern the internet's use. ,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.


The Wild Wild West of the Internet is lawless!