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86 the WWW of the  WORLD WIDE WEB
The Wild Wild West of the Internet is a welcoming place!
Microsoft started the. PC and Operating System Windows while Creating a complete New Inductry: AntiVirus software.
In the beginning, when the OS for the PC presented the user-friendly GUI, the goal was to make it easy for programmers and programing companies to write and market applications that could draw people to become users of the new PC. With a printer attached, word processing was the Bee's Knees of the new era.
The PC, with the word processing program, and the attached printer became the new typewriter; and the printed page did not need to have typos because you print, save, correct, and print again with NO errors! How Great!
Everything was safe.
Nothing was added onto your computer unless you added it!
<-Along came Information Technology->
The information that people wanted is the information that they did not have, of course. That information came from the outside into your computer from some trusted source, to begin with. The trusted sources were responsible, until they weren't. And the information became a living, functioning, doing-thing on your computer. And the Virus was born!
Microsoft was so friendly to the programmers that even theses un-friendly programs were welcomed with open Arms, open Files, open Directories, open Registries, open Systems.
The new industry was created to detect and remove the un-friendly programs that were welcomed by the Operating System.

The Wild Wild West of the Internet is lawless!